Welcome to CQEL's Title 22 Tool

CQEL supports early education leaders in expanding their programs and running them with less stress. This is our Title 22 Tool, which is a transformation of the Title 22California Code of Regulations.

About this document

Why we made this

Busy child care leaders like you don't have time to sort through PDFs to understand Title 22.
As with all California Code of Regulations, Title 22 is difficult to read and comprehend. It is highly referenced and commented documentation, which breaks up the language into parcels and adds space and reference numbers that make it challenging to navigate.
We've build this to solve these issues. This tool is a sorted, formatted, and searchable copy of the Title 22 language. It references but does not include Subchapters and Health and Safety Code.

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CDSS's Introduction

This Users' Manual is issued as an operational tool.
This Manual contains
a) Regulations adopted by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) for the governance of its agents, licensees, and/or beneficiaries
b) Regulations adopted by other State Departments affecting CDSS programs
c) Statutes from appropriate Codes which govern CDSS programs
d) Court decisions and
e) Operational standards by which CDSS staff will evaluate performance within CDSS programs.
Regulations of CDSS are printed in gothic type as is this sentence.
Handbook material, which includes reprinted statutory material, other departments' regulations and examples, is separated from the regulations by double lines and the phrases "HANDBOOK BEGINS HERE", "HANDBOOK ENDS HERE" in bold print. Please note that both other departments' regulations and statutes are mandatory, not optional.
In addition, please note that as a result of the changes to a new computer system revised language in this manual letter and subsequent community care licensing manual letters will now be identified by a vertical line in the left margin.
Questions relative to this Users' Manual should be directed to your local licensing agency.