School-Age Child Care Center Teacher Qualifications and Duties.


(a) In addition to Section 101216.1, the following shall apply:

(b) As an alternative educational prerequisite, a school-age child care teacher may, pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 1597.21, substitute 20 training hours for each of the required units of education in Section 101216.1. Units and training hours may be combined to meet the total educational requirement (12 units or 240 training hours, or any combination thereof).

(1) Health and Safety Code Section 1597.21(d) contains the alternative educational requirements that a teacher may meet.

Health and Safety Code Section 1597.21(d) states:

As an alternative to satisfying the educational requirements of teachers contained in the regulations, a teacher may substitute 12 units or 240 training hours in any combination of the following:

(1) Recreation, which includes, but is not limited to, art, music, and dance.

(2) Physical education, which includes, but is not limited to, indoor and outdoor sports activities.

(3) Human services and social welfare, which includes, but is not limited to, nursing, psychology, sociology, or home economics.

(4) Units earned toward an elementary or middle school teaching credential.

(5) Early childhood education, child development, or schoolage child units. A teacher is required to complete six units or 120 training hours prior to employment.

(2) In accordance with Health and Safety Code Section 1597.21(f), a teacher may use alternative approved sources of education.

Health and Safety Code Section 1597.21(f) states:

In addition to existing approved sources of education, the following are approved sources of education that may be used to satisfy the education required of staff at a schoolage child care center:

(1) Vocational school training in recreation, physical education, human services, social welfare, and education as described in subdivisions (b) and (d).

(2) Professional training that qualifies as continuing education credits in the child care or elementary education area.

(3) Standard training programs that are provided by statewide or nationally recognized or community-based youth service organizations and offered or approved by an accredited educational institution or the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

(c) Verification of education allowed by Health and Safety Code Section 1597.21 shall be by transcript or certificate (with hours completed shown on the certificate). To verify course or training program approval, a certification on accredited educational institution letterhead that the course or training program has been approved shall accompany the completion certificate. This certification is only necessary for courses or training programs not offered by an accredited educational institution but approved by such an institution.

(d) A school-age child care center teacher may also complete alternative types of experience pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 1597.21. To be a fully qualified school-age teacher, such experience shall be verified as having been performed at least three hours per day for a minimum of 50 days in a six-month period.

(1) Health and Safety Code Section 1597.21(e) specifies the alternative types of experience that a teacher may complete.

Health and Safety Code Section 1597.21(e) states:

The department shall accept the following alternative types of experience for site directors and teachers, if the experience was obtained working directly with children: classroom teaching or teacher assisting experience in elementary or middle school education; paid or volunteer work experience in physical education or recreation programs; college work-study or internship in recreation or youth development; paid or volunteer work experience in human services as described in paragraph (3) of subdivision (b); or paid or volunteer work experience in school guidance or in other counseling programs.

(e) In a combination program, a fully qualified teacher as specified in Section 101216.1 shall be designated to work closely with the director in planning the daily activities of the school-age child care center component.

(1) The designated teacher shall maintain responsibility for the overall operation of the schoolage child care center component under the direction and supervision of the director of the child care center component.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 1596.81, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 1596.72, 1596.81, 1597.055 and 1597.21, Health and Safety Code.

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