Admission Agreements


(a) The licensee and the child's authorized representative shall jointly complete a current individual written admission agreement for the child. This documentation shall be maintained at the child care center and shall be available for review.

(b) Admission agreements shall specify the following:

(1) Basic services.

(2) Available optional services.

(3) Payment provisions, including the following:

(A) Basic rate.

(B) Optional services rates.

(C) Payor.

(D) Due date.

(E) Frequency of payment.

(4) Modification conditions, including the requirement that the child's authorized representative be given at least 30-calendar-days prior written notice of any basic rate change.

(A) Agreements involving children whose care is funded at government-prescribed rates may specify that the effective date of a government rate change shall be considered the effective date for basic service rate modifications and that no prior notice is necessary.

(5) Refund conditions.

(6) Right of the Department to perform the duties authorized in Sections 101200(b) and (c).

(7) Conditions under which the agreement may be terminated.

(c) The licensee, or his/her designee, and the child's authorized representative shall sign and date the child's admission agreement no later than seven calendar days following admission.

(d) Modifications to the original admission agreement shall be made whenever circumstances covered in the agreement change, and shall be dated and signed by the persons specified in (c) above.

(e) The licensee shall keep the original copy of the admission agreement and give a photocopy to the child's authorized representative.

(f) The licensee shall comply with all terms and conditions set forth in the admission agreement.

(g) The admission agreement shall be automatically terminated by the death of the child. No liability or debt shall accrue after the date of death.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 1596.81, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 1596.72, 1596.73 and 1596.81, Health and Safety Code.

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