Operation Without A License


(a) If an unlicensed child care center is providing care and supervision as defined in Section 101152c.(2), the center is in violation of Health and Safety Code Section 1596.80 unless exempted from licensure pursuant to Section 101158.

(b) If a child care center is alleged to be in violation of Health and Safety Code Section 1596.80, the Department shall conduct a site visit and/or evaluation of the center pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 1596.853.

(1) Health and Safety Code Section 1596.80 states:

No person, firm, partnership, association, or corporation shall operate, establish, manage, conduct, or maintain a child day care facility in this state without a current valid license therefor as provided in this act.

(2) Health and Safety Code Section 1596.853(c) provides in part:

Upon receipt of a complaint, the department shall make a preliminary review and, unless the department determines that the complaint is willfully intended to harass a licensee or is without any reasonable basis, the department shall make an onsite inspection within 10 days after receiving the complaint except where the visit would adversely affect the licensing investigation or the investigation of other agencies, including, but not limited to, law enforcement agencies. In either event, the complainant shall be promptly informed of the department's proposed course of action.

(c) If a child care center is operating without a license, the Department shall issue a Notice of Operation in Violation of Law and shall refer the case for criminal prosecution and/or civil proceedings.

(d) The Department has the authority to issue an immediate civil penalty pursuant to Section 101198 and Health and Safety Code Section 1596.891.

Health and Safety Code Section 1596.891 states in part:

(a) A person who violates Section 1596.80 may be liable for an immediate assessment of civil penalties in the amount of two hundred dollars ($200) per day.

(b) The penalty specified in subdivision (a) shall be imposed if the operator of an unlicensed facility refuses to seek licensure or the operator seeks licensure and is denied but continues to operate.

(e) Sections 101157(c) and (d) shall be applied pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 1596.892.

Health and Safety Code Section 1596.892 states:

The civil, criminal, and administrative remedies available to the Department pursuant to this article are not exclusive, and may be sought and employed in any combination deemed advisable by the Department to enforce the provisions of this chapter.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 1596.81, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 1596.792, 1596.80, 1596.81(b), 1596.89, 1596.890, 1596.891 and 1596.892, Health and Safety Code.

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