Infant Care Center Sleeping Equipment


(a) In addition to Section 101239.1, the following shall apply:

(b) A crib or portable crib meeting United States Consumer Product Safety Commission safety standards shall be provided for each infant who is unable to climb out of a crib.

(1) Mattresses shall be firm and covered with a fitted sheet that is appropriate to the mattress size, fits tightly on the mattress, and overlaps the underside of the mattress so it cannot be dislodged.

(2) Mattresses shall be made specifically for the size crib in which they are placed.

(3) Stacking wall cribs or cribs stacked one on top of another, often referred to as tiered cribs, shall not be permitted.

(4) Cribs shall not limit the ability of staff to see the infant.

(5) Cribs shall not limit the infant's ability to stand upright.

(6) Crib mattresses shall be:

(A) Covered with vinyl or similar moisture-resistant material.

(B) Wiped with a detergent/disinfectant daily and when soiled or wet.

(C) Maintained in a safe condition with no exposed foam, batting or coils.

(c) Floor mats or cots that meet the requirements of Section 101239.1(b) shall be provided for all infants who have the ability to climb out of a crib.

(d) Each crib, mat or cot shall be occupied by only one infant at a time.

(e) Each infant's bedding shall be used for him/her only. Such bedding shall be replaced when wet or soiled, or when the crib, mat or cot is to be occupied by another infant.

(1) Bedding shall be changed daily, or more often if required by Subsection (e) above.

(2) Soiled bedding shall be placed in a suitable container and made inaccessible to infants until washed or picked up by a commercial laundering service.

(f) Cribs shall be free from all loose articles and objects, including blankets and pillows.

(1) Pacifiers shall be allowed in the crib if the following provisions are in place:

(A) There shall not be anything attached to the pacifier.

(B) The pacifier shall be specific to the infant it is being given to.

(2) Bumper pads shall not be used.

(3) There shall be no objects hanging above or attached to the side of the crib.

(g) Cribs, mats or cots shall be arranged so as to provide a walkway and work space between the cribs, mats or cots sufficient to permit staff to reach each infant without having to step over or reach over any other infant.

(1) Placement of cribs, mats or cots shall not hinder entrance or exit to and from the napping space.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 1596.81, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 1596.72 and 1596.81, Health and Safety Code.

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