Postural Supports/Protective Devices


(a) Postural supports may be used with prior approval by the Department as specified in (1) through (5) below.

(1) Supportive restraints shall be limited to appliances or devices, including straps, spring-release trays or soft ties, that are used to support a child in a bed, chair or wheelchair to prevent falling.

(2) All requests to use supportive restraints shall be in writing and shall include a written order from a physician indicating the need for such restraints. The Department is authorized to require additional documentation in order to evaluate the request.

(3) Approved supportive restraints shall be fastened or tied in a manner that permits quick release.

(4) The Department shall approve the use of supportive restraints only after the appropriate fire clearance, as required by Section 101171, has been secured.

(5) The Department has the authority to grant conditional and/or limited approvals to use supportive restraints.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 1596.81, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 1596.72, 1596.73, 1596.81 and 1597.05, Health and Safety Code.

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